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Jiahua Corporate Social Responsibility Code
Guided by the "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals", we always believe that corporate social responsibility is important to our employees, the environment, social groups and the entire supply chain, which is the foundation of the sustainable operation of our business. We will move towards these 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations as the orientation and continuous implementation and progress of our corporate social responsibility progress.
Six Key Points of Responsible Care

Under the concept of responsible care, Jiahua promises to make continuous efforts in various aspects such as health, safety and environmental quality, and establish our image in the whole society through the establishment of systematic management of these three aspects, evaluation, communication and continuous improvement, so as to promote Sustainability of the global chemical industry.
1.Community Awareness and Emergency Response Planning
Every year, each of our factories has a comprehensive fire emergency response training and drill plan. In order to make our emergency response plan echo the emergency response plan of the local community or other enterprises, Jiahua and the community park jointly exercise once a year to achieve the function of mutual support and help to ensure the safety of employees and the community.
2.Safe storage and transportation
Jiahua is involved in the storage and transportation of a variety of hazardous chemicals in the fine chemical industry. Safe storage and transportation are an indispensable part of ensuring community safety. In order to ensure the safety of all forms of transportation, handling and distribution of chemicals, we evaluate the hazards associated with the distribution of various raw materials and products and try to reduce these hazards, including the safe transportation management of own vehicles, the safety of contractors Assessment and management, risk assessment and control of transportation routes.
3.Environmental protection and pollution prevention
Jiahua complies with national environmental protection regulations and insists on sustainable development, and has formulated clear strategies and directions in environmental protection and pollution prevention. Recycling research and development and optimization of energy consumption. When the discharge cannot be reduced, we must take a responsible attitude to the process of discharge treatment, including classification, storage, removal, treatment and final disposal, etc. Process evaluation and audit. Zero accidents, zero violations, zero pollution, and zero leakage are our common goals and we will do our best to support and complete the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2050.
4.Production Safety Management (PSM)
Excellent Safety Comliance Producing Management System is extremely important for the storage, production, transportation and use of hazardous chemicals. Jiahua upholds strong safety leadership, we continue to strengthen our safety culture, risk assessment and systematic production process safety management. We not only strictly abide by China's production safety law, but also establish an optimized production process safety management system by combining the four major elements of the American OSHA PSM1 and optimized operational discipline and the strategic focus of PSM organizational capacity development. Zero accident, zero injury, zero tolerance, zero leakage, zero failure is our common goal.
5.Employee health and safety principles
We attach great importance to the working environment and protective equipment when people work and ensure that the staff can work safely in the factory, thereby ensuring the safety and health of the staff. Therefore, we have established a job hazard analysis, regularly tracked the health of employees, and established a series of personnel training programs. In addition, we have established 12 Philosophies of Safety Management and 10 Inviolable Principles(The Red Lines) to drive our safety culture and safety behavior to achieve the goal of zero accidents, zero injuries, zero tolerance, and zero violations.
6.Product supervision
We use different chemical raw materials including hazardous chemicals to manufacture various chemical products to enrich our daily life. We guarantee the management of the entire product production process, from development through manufacturing, distribution, sales to final disposal, in order to reduce the risks posed by chemical products to health, safety and the environment. In order to identify and manage the possible health, safety and environmental risks posed by our products, we work closely with our suppliers and customers to monitor and control any changes that may cause possible risks. We are committed to product stewardship:

Check our product safety and assess any human health hazard effects

Clearly communicate safety information about our products to our employees, contractors, customers, suppliers

Closely assess and manage product raw material risks with our suppliers and customers to provide emergency services

We incorporate product safety concepts into our new product development and are committed to the development of alternatives to toxic or hazardous chemicals in existing products.