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Practical Opportunities

Jiahua encourage employees to improve and learn in practice. By giving employees different project participation opportunities, employees can have opportunities to participate in the projects of their own department or apply for other departments. Through horizontal and vertical project participation and learning, improve employees comprehensive vision and ability, and build their excellent competency. Provide best practice and development chance for being the talent who are composite and have leadership and overall view.

Competency Matrix

Jiahua formulate targeted and systematic knowledge, skills and abilities elements for different departments and positions, and have formed professional evaluation standards. According to the standards, the competency matrixes have been developed to rate employees’professional ability levels, ensure corresponding position employees have an open and transparent understanding of the existing ability level and the ability dimension that needs to be improved, and continuously improve their ability through training and practice.

The competency matrix provides the direction of progress for the employees in their positions, and guides the employees who are willing to learn and develop across departments, and gives the development direction for employees.

Jiahua encourages employees to make continuous progress and development. As an important tool, the competency matrix allows employees to have a clear direction and goal for their development and improvement.

Talent Development & Systematic Training

Jiahua aims to establish a systematic training system, improve talents’ ability through training to achieve the improvement of organizational capabilities, and develop new skills and opportunities based on the existing skills of employees to achieve organizational goals. Make sure organization keep competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.

By using the tailored learning and development approach to meet each employ’s development requirement.Provide comprehensive training programs according to employs ability short boards and improvement needs. We provide complete training courses for all levels positions in different departments, for example, we serve professional and diversity classes (called Erudite College of Jiahua) for managers and the reserve managers. We formulate rich class content for product and sales department. Jiahua has also established knowledge resources plat of more than 100 courses for employees to choose.

On the other hand, Jiahua employees have chance to participate in training courses of training constitutes, and Jiahua cooperate with Harvard Business School to give employees the opportunity to participate in international learning.

Management Training,Product Manager Training, Strategic Training

Product Manager Training:

The purpose of product manager training is to help Jiahua cultivate product management talents suitable for future strategic development, so as to pass the continuous commercialization of new products, to help the company realize its vision, mission, strategy, and practice the Jiahua values. Through training, we hope to establish a systematic current product management system, cultivate excellent product management leaders, and gradually form a unique innovation culture of Jiahua.

Management Training:

The management training program is aimed at cultivating senior management talents and building the echelon of Jiahua. Its goal is to cultivate successful factory manager candidates and strengthen their mission, vision, values, horizontal leadership, internal and external communication skills, key thinking and decision-making ability, risk identification and hazardous chemicals management ability, safety production and system management concepts, key factory management practices, etc.

Remuneration and Equity System

In Jiahua, whether you care about short-term gains or long-term personal development, we  will tailor-made compensation and equity plans for you based on your actual situation and needs.The goal of Jiahua Chemical is to enable employees to achieve win-win result between company goals and self-value realization without worrying about safety requirements!

Team Building

In order to spread the corporate culture, enhance employees' sense of belonging and cohesion, improve employee stability, Jiahua Chemicals actively organize team building activities to give employees more warmth, care and interaction.

1. Birthday Party

Each company organizes employee birthday parties every month, bringing warmth to employees through birthday cakes and birthday gifts.

2. Sports Games

We organize charity run on Youth Day every year, and each plant organizes various sports competitions each month: basketball games, badminton games, etc. Through various sports activities enable employees to keep fit, release pressure,enhance teamwork spirit, and make employees have a more positive and optimistic attitude to face work and life.

3. Traditional Festival Activities

In different traditional festivals, we organize different activities according to the festival theme. Lantern Festival: Eat Yuanxiao, guess lantern riddles; Qingming Festival: Memorial service to revolutionary martyrs; Children's Day: Family Day and child welfare; Spring Festival: Organize non-local employees to have reunion dinner.

4. Charity and Public welfare

Provide help to employees with families difficult; donate funds to autistic children. It reflects Jiahua's sense of social responsibility.

Potential Motivation Assessment

Jiahua adopts international professional and objective evaluation tools, evaluates the potential and motivation level of employees every year, and conducts targeted training and improvement for employees according to the evaluation results, aiming to provide professional guidance for employees through scientific and professional data . In this way, employees can have clear data feedback on their own improvement through work practice and training results.

Performance Plan

Jiahua implements a two-line parallel performance plan. The Group's BSC is formulated annually and decomposed layer by layer to ensure that the group's annual goals are clear and executable; OKRs are formulated bimonthly and decomposed layer by layer to help employees drive themselves in the right direction and ensure long-term goals and interests. BSC adopts the form of annual review,and has clear data results for whether the goals are achieved; OKR adopts the review form of 360° performance evaluation, and will let employees' superiors and subordinates and colleagues who work together to carry out the review according to the actual achievement of OKR. Scoring and evaluation make employees to better understand whether their work in the previous cycle has reached 360° expectations.

Promotion path

In Jiahua, whether you are an operator, a salesman, a laboratory technician or an engineer, as long as you have strong learning ability and work enthusiasm, you can get the opportunity to show yourself! Our ranks are very flat. You can choose to be a professional engineer or an expert in various fields; if you have sufficient management skills or experience, you can also become the head or director of the department. Here is full of opportunities in Jiahua! it only depends on whether you have the motivation, ability and determination to improve!