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Jiahua-Cetearyl alcohol ether

Source: DateTime:2022-11-08


Cetearyl alcohol ether, commonly known as Pingpingjia, is a non-ionic surfactant with the chemical name C16-18 fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, also known as leveler O.

Jiahua SURFANT Pingpingjia series products use high-quality natural C16-18 fatty alcohols connected with ethylene oxide of different mole numbers to meet the different needs of the surface active industry. It has derived O-6/O-15/O-20/O-25/O-30/O-50/O-100 and other products, which are widely used as leveling agent, retarder, glass fiber industry emulsifier, chemical fiber spinning oil component, emulsifier for cosmetics and ointment production, and preparation of household and industrial cleaning agent.

Technical indicators:


-Acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, heat resistance and heavy metal salt resistance.

-It has strong levelness, retardance, permeability and diffusion for various dyes, and can be used in the same solution with various surfactants and dyes when scouring.

Recommended formula for textile-level dyeing industry:

-It can be used as leveling agent for direct dyeing cotton. When 0.2~0.5 g/L is added to the solution, good leveling and permeability can be obtained.

-It is used as leveling agent for cotton dyeing with recycled dyes, and the general dosage is 0.02~0.1 g/L. The Pingjia O series can aggregate with dye molecules, thus reducing the dye uptake rate and gradually transferring dyes to fibers, so as to achieve leveling.

-Used as leveling agent for wool products dyed with acid complex dyes. When dyeing fabrics with acid complex dyes (Perlatin dyes), add 1~3% of Pingjia O series, the amount of sulfuric acid can be reduced from 4.7~9.2% to 4.3~5.8%, and the PH value (dye bath) can be increased from 1.9~2.1 to 2.2~2.4, which can ensure that the fabric strength is not damaged, and the handle is soft and has the effect of even dyeing.

-It is used as leveling agent to disperse dyes to dye elastic nylon yarn, and the general dosage is 1~4%.