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Jiahua Chemical - Solutions for Automobile Industry

Source: DateTime:2022-09-19

Jiahua Chemical is a leading supplier of special chemicals and solutions for new materials and special materials in China. It focuses on green chemistry and sustainable development. Based on the capabilities of alkoxylation, esterification, phosphating, amidation and other modifications, it continues to expand its application fields. Its products are widely used in buildings, automobiles, homes, electronics, industrial and public facilities washing, daily chemical products, coatings, oil fields, textile printing and dyeing Pesticide and other industries.

At present, the automobile industry has higher and higher requirements for safety performance and driving comfort. Polyurethane materials are widely used in the production of automotive interior trim parts, such as instrument dials, steering wheels, seats, headrests, armrests, ceilings, carpets, sealing strips and door panels. The polyurethane series products of Jiahua Chemical can provide a good solution for lighter, more environmentally friendly and more comfortable automobiles.

1. Solutions for comfortable and environment-friendly driving

In order to improve the air quality inside the vehicle, reduce the internal noise of the vehicle, and be beneficial to human health and environmental protection, Polyurethane Series of Jiahua Chemical provides low VOC and low odor raw materials for the vehicle enterprises, and can realize the functions of vehicle noise reduction, vibration reduction, sound absorption, etc., providing good NVH solutions for the vehicle.

 Products of Jiahua Chemical:

 PURANOL L series low odor, low VOC and high resilience polyether and polymer polyol

 PURATIVE H series low odor, low VOC polyurethane foam homogenizer

 PURATHANE HR/VE series automobile sound insulation cotton combination polyether

2. All water polyurethane foam direction solution

The polyether polyol, polyurethane foam homogenizing agent and automobile combination materials of Jiahua Chemical can be effectively used in the development and production of pure MDI foaming self skinning steering wheel.

Products of Jiahua Chemical:

PURANOL L series low odor high resilience polyether and polymer polyol

PURANATE M series modified polyisocyanates

PURATHANE IS series Automotive Seat Combination Polyether