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Jiahua Chemical - Solutions for comfortable sleep

Source: DateTime:2022-09-23

Jiahua Chemicals Inc. is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of ethylene oxide, propylene oxide downstream derivative chemicals and special chemicals. The company has established five business units, Construction Chemicals, Performance Materials, Care Chemicals, Coatings and Industrial Auxiliaries, and Functional Materials. Among them, the characteristic materials sector is to manufacture a wide range of differentiated products through continuous innovation in alkoxylation capacity.

As people have higher and higher requirements for sleep quality, in order to meet their different needs for bedding such as mattresses and pillows, Jiahua Chemical provides a variety of Puranol series polyether polyols to provide a comprehensive healthy and comfortable sleep solution.

1. The core "weapon" of zero pressure sponge Puranol F/VE series slow rebound polyether polyol

Puranol F series slow rebound polyether polyols of Jiahua Chemical Co., Ltd., with its unique chemical structure design, can ensure the comfort, breathability and lasting recovery of slow rebound sponges to protect the slow rebound (zero pressure) sponges.

2. The "magic weapon" of the market imitation latex mattresses and pillows Puranol FL series polyether polyols

Puranol FL series polyether polyols of Jiahua Chemical are designed as polyurethane MDI imitation latex, which can provide good elasticity and skin friendly feeling; It can provide nearly the same degree of comfort and feel as latex, and the fine bubbles can completely close to the body curve and maintain the natural physiological curvature of the human body.

3. The "secret" of excellent supportability of high resilience sponge Puranol L series high resilience polyether polyols

The high-density sponge and high resilience sponge produced by Puranol polyether polyol of Jiahua Chemical can provide good support and comfort for the mattress, and the life of the mattress can be guaranteed if the physical properties of the mattress remain unchanged for a long time.