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Source: DateTime:2023-06-30

Product description:

Diethylisopropanolamine is a colorless or light yellow transparent viscous liquid with an irritating ammonia smell and is stable at normal temperature and pressure. It is a green and environmentally friendly new grinding aid raw material with obvious grinding aid effect, and it is mostly used in cement grinding aids.

At present, diethylisopropanolamine is mostly used in various fields such as chemical raw materials, pigments, medicines, and building materials. In cement additives, it can greatly increase the specific surface area of cement, and can simultaneously enhance the early and late strength of cement. The diester quaternary ammonium softener prepared therefrom has great advantages in biodegradability, flexibility and manufacturing cost.

The diethylisopropanolamine produced by Jiahua has a mature process and a stable product, which can be customized according to customer needs.


1. Colorless and transparent, low ammonia odor

2. Stable quality and strong adaptability.