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Jiahua JH-180

Source: DateTime:2023-06-19

Product description:

JH-180 is a cement-reducing concrete admixture developed by Jiahua Company, which can reduce the amount of cement by 10%~15% under the same strength grade, and can increase the strength of concrete when the cement content is low, without affecting the concrete. workability and durability.

Used as the main raw material together with other products, the effect is more obvious. The main functions are:

1) Improve the performance of fresh concrete: improve workability; reduce bleeding; pumping friction is small;

2) Effective excitation function: maximize the excitation of water reducing agent and dispersed gelling materials;

3) Anti-freeze-thaw/anti-carbonation: improve the anti-freeze-thaw and anti-carbonation ability of concrete;

4) Impermeability/crack resistance: enhanced compactness, improved concrete impermeability, and reduced concrete cracks;

5) No corrosion: no external chloride ions and potassium and sodium ions, and the content of sodium sulfate is controlled at a low level;

6) Energy saving and consumption reduction: reduce cement consumption by 10-15%, and maintain or exceed the benchmark strength;

7) Green and environmental protection: the product is non-toxic and pollution-free, and the production has zero emission. It is a green and environmentally friendly building material.


1. Diversified product specifications can meet the needs of different industries and fields.

2. Products of some specifications do not crystallize in winter, which is easy to use and helps to improve production efficiency.

3. In the cement industry, triethanolamine not only improves the strength of cement, but also has a good grinding aid effect, which can increase the output of cement table.