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Source: DateTime:2022-11-25


Taurine was first separated from taurine, also known as β- Taurine, taurocholine and bovine bilirubin are non protein amino acids containing sulfur, which exist in free state in the body and do not participate in the biosynthesis of protein in the body. Taurine does not participate in protein synthesis, but it is associated with glycine and γ Aminobutyric acid reacts chemically as a neurotransmitter of nerve inhibitors in tissues and blood. Taurine is widely distributed in human and animal brain, heart, liver, kidney, ovary, uterus, skeletal muscle, blood, saliva and milk in the form of free amino acids, with the highest concentration in pineal gland, retina, pituitary, adrenal gland and other tissues. In mammalian heart, free taurine accounts for as much as 50% of total free amino acids. Taurine is an active substance that regulates the normal physiological activities of the body. It has biological functions such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, maintaining the balance of body osmotic pressure and normal visual function, regulating nerve conduction, protecting myocardial cells, enhancing the immune capacity of the body and the antioxidant capacity of cell membrane. 

Taurine is an amino acid with various physiological functions in the human body, which plays an important role in the human body. It can promote infant brain development and absorption of calcium, fat and cellulose. It can maintain the physiological function of infant retina and maintain and enhance vision. It can regulate the nerve conduction system. It can play an important physiological and pharmacological role in the metabolism of lipid and phosphorus in human body and in the function of heart, liver and endocrine. It can promote metabolism in the body, strengthen the body and relieve fatigue. Taurine, with its unique physiological and pharmacological functions, has a wide range of applications and markets in food additives, nutrition and health products, pharmaceutical industry, pet food and feed industry. According to relevant research reports, taurine is widely used in beverage industry, pet food, health food, feed, medicine and other fields.

The optimized taurine product adopts advanced ethylene oxide process, which has higher reaction efficiency, higher output under the same energy consumption, lower overall energy consumption and more environmental protection.

Technical indicators:

See GB 14759 for test method

Product features:

1. High purity and few impurities

2. Widely used in beverage, food, medicine and other fields

3. Comply with relevant laws and regulations