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Source: DateTime:2023-06-24
Product description:

Triisopropanolamine is an organic compound, white crystalline solid, weakly basic and flammable. Because the salt formed by triisopropanolamine and long-chain fatty acid has good coloring stability, it is used as an emulsifier to prepare zincate additives, ferrous metal rust inhibitors, cutting coolants, cement strengthening agents, printing and dyeing softeners, Gas absorbents and antioxidants, as well as additives for soaps, detergents and cosmetics, as well as pharmaceutical raw materials, and solvents for photographic developer solutions. Used as a solvent for paraffin oil in the man-made fiber industry.

In the cement grinding aid industry, triisopropanolamine can improve the strength of cement in the later stage, grinding efficiency and reduce the amount of main materials. At the same time, it is also an excellent cement grinding aid raw material, and can also be used as a gas absorbent and antioxidant, as a refining agent and antistatic agent in the fiber industry. Dyeing auxiliary, fiber wetting agent, used as antioxidant in lubricating oil and cutting oil, also can be used as dispersant of titanium dioxide, minerals, catalyst, crosslinking agent, initiator in polyurethane industry, etc.

The triisopropanolamine produced by Jiahua mainly has 85% content and 98% content, with mature technology and stable product.


1. Colorless and transparent, low ammonia odor

2. Stable quality and strong adaptability