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Jiahua chemical - Polyurethane insulation solution

Source: DateTime:2022-09-06

Jiahua Chemicals Inc. is a professional provider of fine chemicals, dedicated to the development and production of downstream fine chemicals derived from ethylene oxide and propylene oxide. Since its establishment, jiahua has been innovating through clear market positioning and continuous innovation. At present, we have five business units including Construction Chemicals, Performance Materials, Care Chemicals, Coatings and Industrial Auxiliaries, and Functional Materials, as well as the industrial structure of its eight downstream business series, and a product pattern of more than 100 varieties.

In terms of innovation and R & D, Jiahua has set up scientific research centers in Shanghai, Tianjin, Europe, the United States and other places around the world, aiming to constantly explore, understand and learn the latest technology trends in the world, and provide the most suitable products and services for users in all parts of the world. 

Rigid foam polyurethane has excellent properties such as light weight, low thermal conductivity, good heat resistance, aging resistance, easy to bond with other substrates, and no melting droplets are generated during combustion. It is widely used as thermal insulation materials for roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows of buildings in Europe and America. With many advantages, polyurethane thermal insulation material is the best thermal insulation material in the world.

Jiahua chemical has many years of industry experience in producing and selling RF polyols, puranol ® Polyether polyol according to customer needs, through the use of different initiators to provide customers with polyether systems such as fast removal, low conductivity, flame retardant and high activity, to solve customer pain points and meet customer requirements. At the same time, Jiahua chemical is also constantly enriching its product categories. In addition to polyether polyols, Jiahua can also provide various additives such as foam homogenizers and flame retardants for customers in the rigid foam polyurethane industry.

In addition to providing monomer polyether, Jiahua chemical's purathane ® blended polyol can also provide customers with blended polyol solutions to meet more and wider customer needs. Jiahua chemical's blended polyol can provide high-efficiency thermal insulation, uniform density, high strength, fast aging and other characteristics of composite polyether for thermal insulation pipe, plate, imitation wood, household appliances and other industries.