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Jiahua chemical - oilfield chemicals

Source: DateTime:2022-09-16

The green chemicals of Jiahua help the efficient exploitation of oil and gas in the process of oil and natural gas exploitation and transportation . Oilfield chemicals play an important role as indispensable auxiliaries. Oilfield chemicals mainly include fine chemicals, mineral products and general chemicals, covering two fields of petroleum and chemical industry, of which fine chemicals are the most important. Jiahua chemical has many years of technical accumulation in the field of fine chemicals in oil fields, and has launched a variety of green environmental protection chemicals for the two major applications of drilling and oil production.

1. Imidazoline

It can meet the production needs of oil well, pipeline corrosion inhibitor and water treatment corrosion inhibitor. The product has water-based characteristics, can be differentially adjusted according to site conditions, has high efficiency, low addition, environmental friendly and other characteristics, and is a high-efficiency environmental protection corrosion inhibitor product.

2. Drainage aid

Jiahua is made of special surfactant, cosolvent and solvent. This product can effectively reduce the interfacial tension of fluid flowing in rock, improve wettability, improve permeability, reduce capillary pressure and accelerate the flowback efficiency of fracturing fluid.

3. Demulsifier

In view of the difficulties such as high oil content in the extracted water, uneven oil-water interface, oil-water emulsion interlayer and so on, Jiahua chemistry provides efficient solutions to ensure the stable operation of production.

Jiahua chemical uses its chemical synthesis advantages to design chemicals with different molecular structures based on high efficiency and environmental protection. In the near future, it will launch a series of products such as amino polyether and environment-friendly sewage treatment agent for natural gas development, which will help the development of oilfield chemicals. It is hoped that Jiahua chemical can provide efficient solutions for users in the oilfield industry, reduce environmental pollution while increasing production, and realize green oil extraction.