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Liu Hongguang "rectified the name" of the chemical industry!

Source:https://en.jiahua.com/news/ DateTime:2022-08-15

At this year's NPC & CPPCC, Liu Hongguang, a member of the CPPCC National Committee and chief consultant of CNOOC Tianjin Chemical Research and Design Institute, who attended the fifth session of the 13th National Committee of the C.P.P.C.C., "rectified the name" of the chemical industry and called on the people to correctly understand the chemical industry.

Chemistry transforms lives and creates a wonderful world

"Chemistry is the backbone of the national economy. Chemistry transforms lives and creates a wonderful world. Chemistry creates human civilization 'variety'." Liu Hongguang, member of the committee, told reporters straight to the point, "Without chemical industry, it is difficult for the world to function normally. It is also difficult for a population of more than 100 million to survive."

According to Liu Hongguang, as early as 2010, our country surpassed the United States to become the world's largest chemical country, and the output of major basic bulk products has long been in the forefront of the world. Chemical industry is the foundation of other industries such as iron and steel, metallurgy, and medicine. People cannot live without chemical industry. From the wide application of synthetic fibers and dyes in the clothing industry, to the widespread use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and agricultural films in agricultural production, to the daily use of coatings, chemical building materials, and thermal insulation materials in residential buildings, to power fuels, new materials , The popularization and application of polymer materials in the field of transportation are the contributions of the chemical industry to the world. At the just-concluded Beijing Winter Olympics, many chemical products and technologies also appeared, including everyone's favorite Bingdundun, hydrogen used in the Winter Olympics torch, fireworks at the opening and closing ceremonies, and Winter Olympics clothing. thermal fibers for ice rinks, environmentally friendly refrigerants for ice rinks, high-performance composite materials for snowmobiles, etc. "These are signs of progress in the chemical industry and progress in science and technology." Liu Hongguang said.

Change the status quo of“turning pale at the mention of chemistry”

"However, people still have some misunderstandings about chemical industry, and even 'turning pale at the mention of chemistry'." Liu Hongguang said that some people even equated chemical industry with "toxic", "dangerous" and "unhealthy". The general public generally do not understand the chemical industry and chemical enterprises. The consequence of this is that the recruitment and employment of chemical colleges and universities, the industrial transformation of chemical achievements, and the implementation of projects of chemical enterprises are all affected to a certain extent. When formulating development plans and policies and approving industrial projects in some places, there is a situation of "one size fits all" for chemical projects. These phenomena are extremely detrimental to the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

To this end, Liu Hongguang called for eliminating misunderstandings and guiding the public to correctly understand and view the chemical industry. He said that, on the one hand, enterprises need to strengthen their own strength, do a good job of safety, environmental protection and rectification, and communicate with the outside world openly and transparently; on the other hand, they need to strengthen the science of chemical industry in society.

Liu Hongguang believes that scientific and accurate and realistic interpretation of chemical science popularization should be given, and it can also be combined with social hot events. This can not only significantly increase the public attention of popular science activities, but also achieve the best dissemination effect of popular science knowledge, so as to guide the public to scientifically understand the chemical industry and maintain the sustainable development of the chemical industry.

Call for establishing a green chemical evaluation system

Liu Hongguang said that with the advancement of science and technology and the introduction of low-carbon environmental protection projects promoted by the society, the construction of products and chemical projects to be built, such as red light products, is usually based on red light products. These products have low safety risks in production operations. However, at the same time, other policies will incorporate green chemical products into major chemical projects during the implementation period, including, safety assessment, assessment, and evaluation of traditional chemical projects. The review process is long and long, which will have a significant impact on the delayed construction of chemical products and enterprise development influences.

To this end, Liu Hongguang not only made suggestions on behalf of him, he could not only build such projects for enterprises as representatives of projects, but also could create green chemical products for enterprises at a lower cost, which is in line with the largest scale of environmental protection industry development. tendency.