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Polyurethane/silicone foam stabilizer-Ultra-low VOC low odor high resilience silicone oil

Source: DateTime:2023-06-08

High-resilience silicone oil is a siloxane-modified surfactant, which is mainly divided into open-cell high-resilience silicone oil, closed-cell balanced high-resilience silicone oil and balanced high-resilience silicone oil. High-resilience silicone oil is mainly used in the production of polyurethane high-resilience foam, such as car seat foam, armrests, headrests, complete vehicles, carpets, etc. In recent years, due to the increasing requirements of automobile OEMs on the odor and VOC emission of high-resilience foam interior parts for automobiles, and ordinary high-resilience silicone oil contains phthalate plasticizers, these increaser Plasticizers have a great impact on odor and VOC volatilization.

Advantages of high resilience silicone oil in polyurethane high resilience foam:

1. Improve the softness of high-resilience polyurethane: high-resilience silicone oil can improve the softness and elasticity of high-resilience polyurethane, making it more comfortable.

2. Reduce the friction coefficient of high resilience polyurethane: high resilience silicone oil can reduce the friction coefficient between high resilience polyurethane and other materials, thereby reducing friction and wear and prolonging the service life of high resilience polyurethane.

3. Improve the surface smoothness of high-resilience polyurethane: high-resilience silicone oil can improve the surface smoothness of high-resilience polyurethane, making it look more beautiful.

4. Reduce the surface tension of high-resilience polyurethane: High-resilience silicone oil can reduce the surface tension of high-resilience polyurethane, making it easier to handle and process, and improving production efficiency.

The development direction of high resilience silicone oil:

1. Low fogging/low emission/low VOC/low odor

In a closed vehicle, there are generally more volatile substances in the interior parts, especially in the sun, which will intensify its volatilization, and the volatile substances will condense on the car glass, causing blurred fog images and affecting the driver's sight and driving safety, while causing harm to the health of the occupants in the car. To rectify this phenomenon, it is necessary to rectify VOC and fogging values from all raw materials of various parts of automotive interior parts. As one of the additives, high-resilience silicone oil is easy to migrate to the surface of the foam because it contains more small-molecule siloxane, and it also has a certain contribution to the total atomization value.

2. Phthalate removal

Phthalate, an additive that increases ductility, elasticity and softness, was once commonly used in toys, automotive interiors, paints, adhesives, personal care products (cosmetics, shampoos, body washes), and many other products In production, but it has serious harm to human health, and it is easy to cause male reproductive problems, especially for children, it will cause precocious puberty and liver and kidney damage. Therefore, various countries have already introduced various laws and regulations to limit the content of phthalates in various industries. As far as mainland China is concerned, it is only limited to coatings for toys.

Polyurethane materials, as one of the materials containing phthalates, still have a certain window period before the comprehensive rectification of phthalates in China. However, some European and American manufacturers have already developed phthalate-free product series in advance to prepare for it. For example, reactive environmental protection high-resilience silicone oil, which is currently much more expensive than ordinary silicone oil, is mostly used in the production of foam for high-end models.

Jiahua Chemical's highly elastic polyurethane foams can be customized to meet the specific needs of specific applications, fine-tuning the density, hardness, etc. of the foam to achieve the desired performance characteristics. Among them, there are a series of silicone oils used in high resilience sponges, which are rich in variety, among which H-902/H-903/H-962/H-963 are the main recommended products. H-902 is more closed-cell than H-903, and H-962/H-963 is an upgraded version of H-902/H-903 low-odor product, which is more suitable for applications in the automotive field.

In addition, Jiahua Chemical is currently developing a more optimized low-odor and low-VOC product, which is already in a small test and will be put into market application soon, so stay tuned.