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Jiahua-a new generation of high-performance nano-scale epoxy resin toughener

Source:https://en.jiahua.com/news/ DateTime:2022-08-19

Epoxy resin is a large class of basic chemicals that is used in various industries such as coatings, electrical insulation, adhesives and composite materials. Various physical and chemical properties can be achieved by matching different types of curing agents. Among them, there is also an auxiliary material that must be Less, that is epoxy resin toughening agent. While giving full play to the high strength, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the material, adding a toughening agent can maintain the processing characteristics of the material and the stability of the final product, and avoid failures such as cracking and delamination.  

As a specialty chemical supplier, Jiahua always pays attention to the various characteristics of customers in the industry. In the field of epoxy resin, toughening and high Tg are always the common needs of everyone. The toughening solutions currently include alcohol compounds, Rubber modification additives, core-shell rubber particles, etc. The Jiahua technical team has done a lot of research on molecular structure design and terminal performance verification, and launched a new generation of high-performance nano-scale toughener HIEFTO series products.

HIEFTO series epoxy toughener has a specially designed molecular structure, which achieves a good balance in maintaining high Tg, toughening, system compatibility, etc. The product can form a uniform nano-scale phase during the curing process. Compared with other types of toughening agents, its toughening effect is more uniform and stable, and it can meet the toughening requirements of different industries. 

1.HIEFTO 103, 104

It is used in acid anhydride and amine curing agent systems. The product has low viscosity and good system compatibility. The cured product of HIEFTO 104 is transparent. It improves the toughness and fatigue properties without reducing the Tg of the cured product. It maintains high strength and high adhesion. To meet the toughening requirements of higher temperature resistant environments, it is suitable for pultruded wind power beam panels, electrical insulation casting resins, high-pressure winding gas cylinders, adhesives and other industries.

2.HIEFTO T14, Q2

Applicable to acid anhydride and amine curing agents, the product has lower viscosity, good system compatibility, and the toughening effect is significantly improved when Tg is slightly reduced. It is suitable for electrical insulation products, pultruded bars and sheets. And it can meet the requirements of jewelry. 

The toughening problem has been studied since the invention of epoxy resin. Jiahua will invest more technical force to continuously develop and improve products to provide more solutions for product performance improvement in various industries.