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Polyurethane/organic silicon foam stabilizer-application of silicone oil in ordinary soft foam

Source: DateTime:2023-05-10

Application of silicone oil in ordinary soft foam --- upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture mainly refers to furniture and cushions made of polyurethane foam and fabrics, including sofas, mattresses, pillows and other daily household items. Due to the good air permeability, resilience and plasticity of polyurethane foam, the upholstered furniture designed from this material has the characteristics of fitting the human body, soft and breathable, and high elasticity. Therefore, soft foam silicone oil has broad application prospects in downstream industries, especially furniture-oriented fields.

The characteristics and advantages of soft foam silicone oil in the furniture industry:

Silicone oil usually plays an important role in polyurethane system:

1. Silicone oil itself, as a surfactant, can emulsify the liquid components in the polyurethane system to make them mix evenly, so that the reaction is more complete, which is conducive to the formation of a sponge with uniform cells.

2. Silicone oil can help the nucleation of pores during the reaction process, promote the generation of pores, and make the cell structure richer and denser; at the same time, it can prevent the agglomeration of bubbles and reduce the gas flow rate.

3. Silicone oil can stabilize the cells and maintain the cell structure, which is its most important characteristic and the reason why it is called polyurethane foam stabilizer.

4. Finally, the unique properties of soft foam silicone oil can effectively control the opening and closing of pores and adjust the feel of the final product.

Even if the amount of soft foam silicone oil is less than 1% in the polyurethane system, due to its important role, different types of silicone oil have a great impact on the performance of the sponge. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a silicone oil with excellent performance. Jiahua currently has three main soft foam silicone oil products, F-5123/F-5570/F-5002, which are respectively aimed at the application of low-density, medium-density, and high-density sponges, basically meeting the basic needs of the market.

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