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Jiahua Chemical - Application of Jiahua Chemical MDI Modified Epoxy Resin Copper Clad Laminate Indus

Source: DateTime:2022-09-30

In recent years, the electronic industry has developed rapidly. As the basic material of electronic circuit boards, the capacity and quality of copper clad laminate have been continuously improved to meet the rapid growth of market demand and performance. As a composite material, copper clad laminate contains three basic raw materials: resin, fiber and copper foil, among which resin is the most important. Different performance of copper clad laminate corresponds to different resin systems.


At present, the copper clad laminate is mainly composed of other resin systems except high-frequency and high-speed boards. Most of the copper clad laminate is epoxy resin system, which is matched with different curing agents to meet the requirements of heat resistance and mechanical properties. Although the epoxy resin has excellent heat resistance, strength and other comprehensive properties, there are drilling and cutting operations in the later processing of copper clad laminate, and the rigid materials are prone to stress damage, resulting in plate failure. This has always been a pain point for continuous improvement of copper clad laminate manufacturers, While meeting the heat resistance of the system, it is necessary to increase the flexibility of the plate and balance the two contradictions. MDI modified epoxy resin has higher heat resistance, toughness and adhesion with copper foil than ordinary epoxy resin, which can effectively solve the problem of "bursting" of copper clad laminate during processing.

JEP-880A75 is a MDI modified epoxy resin of Jiahua Chemical for the CCL industry. The Tg of the product alone with Dicy curing agent can reach 170-175 ℃.


JEP-880A75 can be used with epoxy resin and different curing agents, and the HIEFTO 104 high-performance toughening agent of jiahua chemical can also be used with high Tg epoxy resin and different curing agents to enhance the toughness of the system without reducing the heat resistance, providing customers with more options.