It is mainly used in industry, civil and medical treatment.Green environmental protection and high-performance adhesives are the market development trends. The technologies and products of Jiahua mainly focus on silane modified polyether and polyurethane, curing of epoxy resin, moisture curing of polyurethane and UV/UB radiation curing. Through the improvement of the properties of resin and curing agent, we can continuously improve the performance and realize the green environmental protection and sustainable development of adhesive products.
Silane-modified polyether resin
Silane-modified polyether resin:Doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom sealing, industrial structural bonding
As the main structure of the new environmentally friendly adhesive hybrid adhesive, can solve the problem for customers that the traditional silicone adhesive has poor antibacterial and mildew resistance, and the migration of free small molecules causes subsequent ash pollution. It cannot be repainted, the strength is not enough. Problems such as small scope, meet current customers demands for more environmentally friendly, economical and functionally diverse adhesives.

High strength

Antibacterial and mildew proof

No free small molecules


Silane Modified Polyurethane Resin
Silane Modified Polyurethane Resin:Construction joints, repairs, container sealing


Primerless Bonding

Not bulging

As the main structure of the hybrid adhesive of the new environmental friendly adhesive, it solves the problems of high VOC caused by free isocyanate in the traditional polyurethane adhesive, such as complex pre priming construction, poor weather resistance, and easy swelling, and meets the current customers' demand for more environmental protection, convenient construction, and weather resistance of the adhesive.
Polyethers for Polyurethane Adhesives
Polyethers for Polyurethane Adhesives:Interfacial chemical bonding, wide application range of substrates

Strong adhesion

Great initial tack

Wide range of applications

Outstanding low temperature performance

The prepolymer of terminal NCO group formed by polyether and isocyanate can react with various functional groups containing active hydrogen to form interfacial chemical bonds, and has strong adhesion to various materials. Therefore, it can not only bond porous materials such as foamed plastics, ceramics, wood and fabrics, etc., but also bond a variety of metals, inorganic materials, plastics, rubber and leather products, etc., and has a wide range of applications.