Construction chemicals
Cement and concrete are essential in today's construction industry. All cement and concrete suppliers face the challenge of producing high quality cement and construction concrete that meets customer needs and standards at an optimized cost and in line with sustainable development. Jiahua introduces innovative cement and concrete additive concepts and provides specialized technical support designed to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption and help customers increase their profits.
cement grinding aid
Cement grinding aid:Increase cement production capacity
It can greatly reduce the electrostatic adsorption phenomenon formed in the grinding process, and reduce the reagglomeration trend of ultrafine particles formed in the grinding process. It can also improve the cement fluidity, improve the grinding effect of the mill and the powder separation efficiency of the powder concentrator, so as to reduce the grinding energy consumption. As a chemical additive, it can improve the distribution of cement particles and stimulate the hydration power to improve the early strength and late strength of cement.

Save energy and increase productivity per hour

Improve the performance and strength of cement

concrete additives
concrete additives:Concrete construction application


Advanced synthesis process

Complete technical solutions

New bio based materials with environmental protection and low carbon

Through the application of high-performance functional additives, the initial fluidity, long-term slump retention performance and good pumpability of concrete can be improved to ensure the workability and durability of concrete; early-strength series products help to speed up the turnover of prefabricated PC formwork , improve production efficiency and ensure the later strength and appearance requirements of concrete. The newly developed bio-based water reducer helps customers achieve carbon reduction.
Raw materials of water reducer
Raw materials of water reducer:Solutions for the synthesis of polycarboxylate superplasticizers

High water reduction rate

Good adaptability

Concrete slump retention performance is adjustable

Improve concrete durability

Safe, non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly

Jiahua provides a series of polyoxyethylene ether products for synthesizing polycarboxylate superplasticizer mother liquor with different functions, which are put into the concrete admixture market. Its strong water-reducing ability enables concrete to achieve early strength effect and improve pourability, concrete quality, workability and shorten construction period; improve cement dispersibility, enhance effect, durability and environmental friendliness; enhance downstream carboxylate water-reducing agent.
Gypsum/Mortar Additives
Gypsum/Mortar Additives-Provide gypsum products and cement mortar supporting solutions

Strong dispersibility, fast plasticization

Better fluidity of mortar

Improve the early or final strength of the substrate

Adapt to different mortar

Non-toxic and harmless

Powdered polycarboxylate water-reducing agent can be used in various gypsum/cement mortar product formulations, such as pressing slurry, high-strength grouting material, bearing mortar, repair mortar, self-leveling mortar, waterproof mortar, polymer Mortar, gypsum board and ready-mixed concrete, etc., especially suitable for high-fluidity mortar products: such as pressing mortar, grouting material, bearing mortar and self-leveling mortar.
Sealing and Bonding
Sealing and Bonding-It is used for sealing and bonding of various joints or holes in buildings

Environmentally friendly and pollution-free

Formaldehyde free

Mildew-proof and dust-free

high-strength bonding

Sealed and waterproof

Strong weather resistance

Guaranteeing the function and durability of the building envelope, tight seams prevent the passage of media such as air, water, chemicals and fumes, while providing thermal and acoustic insulation, enhancing the overall visual appearance of the building. At the same time, it is widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration, composite building materials, mixed with cement to make various high-performance concrete and other applications.