Polyurethane insulation
Polyurethane thermal insulation material is a synthetic material with excellent performance. It has the advantages of high strength and low thermal conductivity. It is mainly used as thermal insulation material, followed by structural material. Mainly used in thermal insulation pipes, spray foam, panel, home appliances, imitated wood and other industries. Puranol polyether polyols and Purathane system materials can provide customers with a full range of solutions.
Polyether with a variety of initiators - to meet user needs
Puranol polyether polyols use a variety of alcohols and quintiles to produce a variety of different polyols, a variety of alcohols, their diamines, and two mixtures to meet customer needs; mainly sorbitol, white sugar two, Triol, pentaerythritol, pentaerythritol, propane, etc., and a complete set of additive products such as silicone oil and luminescent agent produced by itself, provide customers with auxiliary additives configuration, different recommended mixing ratios of polyethers, and on-site assistance to adjust and other sets supply chain.

High activity,Fast aging

Stable activity,Good fluidity

Good compatibility with foaming agents

Mannich polyethers are flame retardant

With self-produced silicone oil, Good mutual solubility

Insulation pipeline application
Insulation pipeline application:Corrosion-resistant, efficient thermal insulation solutions

High thermal insulation efficiency

Feeding density can be customized

Response time can be customized

Purathane combined polyether can provide solutions with customized feed density, durability, and high thermal insulation efficiency for casting, one-step, and spray winding and other thermal insulation pipeline manufacturing processes to meet the requirements of different processes on product quality, production efficiency, cost control, etc. demand.
Sheet application
Sheet application:Solution with uniform density and good flame retardancy

Fine and uniform cells

Self-produced silicone oil has good fluidity

Meet different flame retardant grades

Purathane combined polyether can provide solutions with high strength, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, long service life, good thermal insulation performance, flame retardant and other advantages for intermittent and continuous sheet production processes to meet the actual needs of customers in different sheet production processes. need.
imitation wood
imitation wood:Solutions with high density and beautiful skin

Cost-effective application

Excellent foam surface properties

Aging resistance, corrosion resistance

Purathane combined polyether can provide the wood imitation industry with a solution with low density, high strength, good toughness, dense and tough skin, simple molding process and high production efficiency, so as to meet the one-time molding of the wood imitation industry, reduce post-processing, and reduce product availability. Substitute solid wood and other requirements.
home appliances
home appliances:Low thermal conductivity, quick release solution

Mature quick release system

Good fluidity and uniform density

Moderate response speed

Purathane combined polyether can provide the home appliance industry with a solution with excellent thermal insulation performance, stable size, uniform density, good fluidity, and fast aging to meet the requirements of refrigerators, water heaters and other home appliance manufacturers with high production efficiency, stable quality and easy control.