Reefer container
With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for refrigerated food are also increasing, and refrigerated transportation has gradually become the focus of attention; refrigerated containers can always keep perishable goods at their best low temperature to any port in the world. Safe, fast and cheap "door-to-door" transportation, so refrigerated container transportation has rapidly developed into an important mode of transportation in international trade.
A more efficient solution for quick release and low lead
A more efficient solution for quick release and low lead
In view of the shortage of containers caused by the long demoulding time of the refrigerated container combined polyether solution on the market, Purathane combined polyether is committed to providing a solution with a faster demoulding time for refrigerated containers to improve production efficiency; Lower thermal conductivity to increase thermal insulation performance and achieve higher energy saving goals.

lower thermal conductivity

Shorter demold times

High support strength

good liquidity


Can bring flame retardant effect