Wind power
As one of the most efficient power generation technologies to reduce emissions and replace fossil energy, the vigorous development of wind power market will become an important driving force and green engine for the world to achieve carbon neutrality goals. Large-scale, lightweight, and intelligent are the general trends in the current development of wind turbine technology, and are also an objective requirement to achieve intensive land use and sea use, and reduce initial investment and later operation and maintenance costs.
High-fatigue solutions for blade pultruded girders and laminating adhesives
High-fatigue solutions for blade pultruded girders and laminating adhesives
Jiahua HEIFTO epoxy toughener series can effectively balance the needs of heat resistance, toughening and high strength, effectively improve the toughness of the cured product on the basis of maintaining the heat resistance of the resin system, and meet the strength and toughness requirements of the blade pultruded beam plate ; In the application field of lamination adhesive, it has low initial viscosity and stable system compatibility, toughening while maintaining good resin wettability.

Low viscosity

High strength, High fatigue resistance

Good system compatibility

Blade core material
Blade core material:Wind power blade lightweight solution


High strength

Easy to operate

Low cost

Under the background of large-scale wind power blades, the lightweight requirements for wind power blades are getting higher and higher. Jiahua special rigid foam polyether polyol/combined polyether provides a lighter solution for wind power blades, using low-density high-strength Rigid polyurethane foam is used as a filler for wind power blades, which enables large wind power blades to have stronger power generation capacity and at the same time high efficiency and light weight.