Lithium battery
With China's goal of "carbon peak" by 2030 and "carbon neutral" by 2060, all walks of life in China and the world are accelerating their development towards clean energy and environmental protection. With the growing demand for green energy storage such as wind and solar energy and the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles, the lithium battery industry is experiencing explosive growth. Meanwhile, batteries are also facing challenges such as higher requirements of cycling over long durations, high and low temperature performance and safety. The core design of lithium battery is inseparable from the overall combination of four key materials: positive material, negative material, diaphragm, electrolyte. Jiahua Thorlyte™ electrolytes can provide solutions for different applications.
Power Battery
Ternary vehicle / lithium iron phosphate vehicle power battery
Lithium battery electrolyte is composed of solvent, lithium salt solute and additives. It is the medium to realize the migration of lithium ions between positive and negative electrodes, and plays a decisive role in lithium battery capacity, working temperature, cycle efficiency and safety. Guarantee of advantages such as density, extended cycle life and improved high and low temperature performance. Optimized Thorlyte series electrolytes provide solutions for improving the service life, safety and high and low temperature performance of power batteries.

High energy density

Long cycle life

Excellent high and low temperature performance

High security

energy storage battery
Power generation side/transmission & distribution/power consumption side energy storage

High energy efficiency

Long cycle life

Acupuncture squeeze can not fire and explode

Ultra wide temperature discharge

The energy storage on the power generation side can provide peak regulation and frequency regulation for smooth grid connection of renewable power. Transmission and distribution energy storage can relieve congestion for the power grid for the regional power grid, and realize peak shaving and valley filling for the grid load. Power-side energy storage can be applied to households or large-scale industrial and commercial industries to achieve peak-valley spread arbitrage and provide emergency security services. Thorlyte's range of electrolytes offers a variety of solutions for different scenarios.