Metalworking and lubricants
Metalworking cutting fluid is a low-foaming, high-lubricity, soluble lubricating oil primarily for lubricating and cooling applications, as well as anti-rust cleaning. Our products are not harmful to human health with bio-based degradability, which helps achieve low-carbon environmental protection that is the direction of market development. Our technologies and products are mainly concentrated in block polyether polyols, alkylated fatty alcohols, bio-based synthetic esters, and PAO base oils. Through the continuous improvement and development of products, we provide customers with customized product solutions.
block polyether
block polyether:Water-based lubricant; foam inhibitor; low foam cleaning agent
The water-soluble block polyether is mainly precipitated at a temperature higher than the cloud point through the inverse solution principle of the cloud point, providing lubricating properties and inhibiting the generation of foam. When the temperature is lower than the cloud point, it is redissolved and dispersed into the system to maintain the stability of the product system. Mainly used in fully synthetic metal cutting fluid, low foam cleaning. Among them, trans-block polyether is the most widely used and has better lubricating effect than ordinary block polyether.

excellent lubricity

Low foaming and antifoaming effect

No ash residue

low foam emulsifier
low foam emulsifier:Multifunctional lipophilic emulsifier

low foam emulsification

Calcium soap dispersing power

Alkoxylated fatty alcohols are nonionic surfactants. Used in emulsified oil and semi-synthetic metal cutting fluid, it has the basic functions of emulsifying mineral oil, cleaning and adjusting the HLB value of the system. At the same time, it has excellent low-foaming performance, excellent calcium soap dispersing ability, and can improve the lubricating ability of the product, which can replace oleyl alcohol ether products. Through the combination of LA732 and LA742, the product can achieve self-defoaming effect, reducing or not using defoamer.