Oilfield chemicals
In crude oil extraction, the greater the amount of oilfield chemicals used, the lower the extraction cost, which means that the level of oil extraction is relatively high. In view of the limited reserves of newly discovered oilfields and the arduous task of tapping potentials in old oilfields, it is necessary to strengthen exploration and development, improve oil recovery, and strengthen environmental protection.
Corrosion inhibitor
Corrosion inhibitor: suitable for various complex geological environments
Jiahua corrosion inhibitor slows down the corrosion rate of carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, bacteria, etc. in oilfield pipelines to pipelines through the mechanism of adsorption and film formation on metal surfaces, preventing pitting corrosion, greatly improving pipeline life, and ensuring production safety.Our new environmentally friendly imidazoline corrosion inhibitors IDA35/IDA45 can improve effective pipeline protection and can be water-soluble modified to reduce environmental pollution.

Environmentally friendly water-based products

Low dosage, better corrosion inhibition effect

Demulsifier: low temperature crude oil, heavy oil super heavy oil, tertiary recovery fluid emulsified crude oil

Demulsification and desalination

Low dosage and high dehydration rate

Smooth oil-water interface, less oil in sewage

Jiahua demulsifier has surface active properties and can quickly diffuse in the oil-water interface of crude oil emulsion. We have a variety of demulsifiers such as resin/polyol/organic amine initiators, which can meet the demulsification and dehydration requirements of complex oil and water environments in various oil fields, and have a good desalination effect. Jiahua 9010 has high branching degree, high surface activity, and strong bridging flocculation ability, which can effectively remove oil and water in sewage.