Mining industry
Mining industry poses great threats to equipment and accessories due to the harsh environment and extreme working condition: high temperature and humidity, collision and friction of sharp ores, corrosion of acid medium, etc. It means high requirements for the equipment and accessories such as corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, friction resistance and other properties of, especially the parts that are in direct contact with ore.
Screening Board
Screening Board:Excellent mechanical properties
Used for screening ores of different sizes, the product needs to face the repeated friction and impact of the ores directly. Choose cast polyurethane elastomer (CPU) with excellent wear resistance and mechanical properties, or a composite of CPU and thermoplastic polyurethane urethane (TPU).

High tensile strength, tear resistance

Hydrolysis resistance

Good abrasion resistance

Pipe flanges
Pipe flanges

Excellent processing performance

Hydrolysis resistance

Excellent wear resistance

Water pipelines in mines or water conservancy projects often contain a large amount of sand and gravel, and the use of traditional metal flanges will cause serious corrosion and wear. By choosing cast polyurethane elastomer (CPU), flanges with excellent hydrolysis resistance and wear resistance can be manufactured, which can prolong the service life and greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing and maintenance.
Pipelines for shale gas mining
Pipelines for shale gas mining

Good processing performance

Stable quality, less defects (crystal points)

Hydrolysis resistance

The United States is the earliest and most successful country in the commercialization of shale gas. Although shale gas mining is constrained in China by terrain, it has also made considerable progress in recent years. The most commonly used method of shale gas exploitation is water fracturing technology, which needs to transport a large amount of water, enter the rock formation through a plunger pump for fracturing, and then input the fracturing fluid (mostly water and gravel) into the rock formation for exploitation. The inner rubber layer of the hydrophobic pipe is made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU).
Tire filling
Tire filling

Fast curing and high production efficiency

Controllable internal heat without oil precipitation

Good rebound

Mining vehicles have heavy load bearing. The uneven road surface make it worse for the tires. The use of traditional pneumatic tires is prone to puncture which poses a great threat of driving safety, and it is not conducive to improving production efficiency. Polyurethane-filled solid tires are filled with liquid polyurethane raw materials through uniform mixing and pouring into the rubber tires, which play the role of shock absorption and puncture prevention.
Phosphogypsum tailings backfill material

Good dispersion stability, conducive to pipeline transportation

High backfill strength

Improve backfill efficiency and reduce backfill costs

It is mainly composed of phosphogypsum, tailings sand and water, configured as grouting materials, transported through pipelines, and backfilled to the mine; usually, the phosphogypsum storage yard is a long distance from the mine, and the pipeline transportation time is long, and the slurry is easy to settle and bleed, resulting in Blocking the pipe increases transportation risks and costs; we use dispersion-suspension-enhancing additives to effectively improve the dispersion stability of the slurry. There is no obvious sedimentation and bleeding within 2 to 3 hours, which improves the transportation efficiency and reduces the cost of backfilling.
Phosphogypsum-based building materials

Good adaptability, effective impurity removal

Dihydrate gypsum content and whiteness are above 98%

The utilization rate of phosphogypsum is over 90%

Low cost

Gypsum building material is an important means of resource utilization of phosphogypsum. Compared with natural gypsum, phosphogypsum contains less harmful impurities, such as soluble phosphorus and fluorine, and eutectic phosphorus, which is the main internal cause of poor performance of phosphogypsum products; we Through the synergistic effect of flotation agent and mediator, a gypsum dissolution-recrystallization equilibrium system is constructed to achieve deep removal of impurities in phosphogypsum, and to prepare a cementitious material mainly composed of dihydrate phosphogypsum.