Jiahua Chemical provides products and solutions for all basic textile processing steps. We are a chemical company that provides textile auxiliaries for spinning, pre-treatment and dyeing processes as well as total solutions for printing and dyeing, finishing processes and textile coatings. We have production sites and R&D centers in all important textile markets worldwide
Pre-treatment: functional auxiliaries used in the spinning stage to improve the performance of spinning finish
As the first process of the dyeing and finishing process, the pretreatment relies on the rated temperature, pressure and the action of the working fluid to swell fibers and strip impurities. Among them, the surfactant produced by the optimization mainly plays the role of cleaning and dispersing fabric impurities in the pretreatment process, and assisting the working fluid to penetrate into the fabric fiber. Jiahua Chemical Products: BEP series polyether, TPO-46, Span, PEG, EO/PO block polyether and ester products.

Wide range of viscosity and temperature coefficient

Bio-based and degradable properties

Good hydrophilic-lipophilic balance

Finishing Auxiliary
Finishing auxiliaries: impart soft/smooth/hydrophilic/anti-shrinkage/antistatic properties to the fabric

Has a high HLB value

Can be used as wetting agent

Can be used as dispersant

High-efficiency emulsifier

Effectively control the particle size of silicone oil

It can not only impart various special functions and styles to textiles, such as softness, anti-wrinkle, anti-shrinkage, waterproof, antibacterial, antistatic, flame retardant, etc., but also improve the dyeing and finishing process, saving energy and reducing processing costs. Textile auxiliaries are crucial to improving the overall level of the textile industry and their role in the textile industry chain. Jiahua chemical products: allyl alcohol polyether, isomeric alcohol polyether, methyl polyethylene glycol, aliphatic amine polyether (leveling), silicone oil products.
Provide solutions for TPU films, TPU adhesives and TPU adhesives required for composite materials

Stable quality, suitable for continuous production

few crystal points

Good waterproof and moisture permeability

As a new type of environmental protection material, TPU film has excellent properties such as high strength, high moisture permeability and low temperature resistance, and can be combined with other fabrics to become a new functional textile fabric. Jiahua can provide TPU products that meet the needs of a variety of textile fabrics such as curtains, jackets, biological protective clothing, etc., and can also customize development solutions for raw materials such as adhesives and films according to customer needs.