Agricultural chemicals
Agricultural chemicals, as an important agricultural support industry, play a key role in enhancing the ability of agriculture to prevent and reduce disasters, and improving grain yield and food safety. Chemical additives are used to optimize the process and formulation of agricultural chemicals. Our specialty fine chemicals improve the production process of intermediates for the synthesis of active ingredients and reduce the environmental impact of the production process of highly effective plant protectants; High permeability agent can provide high efficiency and lasting osmotic wetting effect in the production and application of plant protective agent, and improve the efficacy of the product; Optimized silicone surfactants ensure the effective distribution of plant protectants on plants.
Suspended Suspension (SC)
Suspended Suspension (SC)-are gaining popularity due to their ease of use and effectiveness

Security and User Convenience

dust free

Suitable for active ingredients with low water solubility

It has multiple anchoring structures, which can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the active ingredient particles, while the hydrophilic groups connected with long chains penetrate deep into the water phase like comb teeth, thereby forming a strong steric repulsion effect, effectively preventing the effective The ingredients are aggregated, resulting in excellent suspension stability.
Emulsifiable Concentrate
EC - Pesticide formulations, capable of dissolving higher concentrations of active ingredients in solvents

Simple to manufacture

Relatively high biological activity

Good chemical stability

Spontaneous emulsification after dilution

By balancing the water-soluble and oil-soluble surfactant components at the water/solvent interface, a physically stable emulsion is formed. When sprayed, the diluted emulsion distributes the active ingredient evenly to the crop, effectively controlling pests. Based on the demand for environmental protection performance, the market is relatively lacking in the synergy of products. Jiahua agricultural milk series can effectively improve the compatibility of solvent and original drug. The Jiahua penetrant SP-103 has excellent emulsifying performance and permeability, which can improve the effect of the medicine.