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Our strategic goals

While pursuing the development and growth of the enterprise, Jiahua adheres to the mission of "making chemistry more exciting", practices corporate social responsibility, and is committed to supplying cost-effective, safe and environmentally friendly chemicals to the world, so that the world can enjoy the chemical belt. high quality of life. Jiahua takes innovation + productivity improvement as its guiding ideology. With its international advanced EHS management system, globalized business layout and customer service, excellent operational efficiency, advanced R&D capabilities and excellent product quality control, Jiahua has become a global leader. The vision of a chemical company!

Production excellence is the cornerstone of being a great chemical company, and we have formulated six strategic priorities to ensure our safety culture, reliable environmental protection equipment, customer-satisfied product quality, efficient production operations, and a sense of achievement and high employee satisfaction. degree of work environment. In order to ensure sustainable development, we have established a series of system management in six strategic priorities.

Six strategic priorities

Safety culture, safety compliance production

Environmental protection, environmental compliance production

Equipment reliability, mechanical integrity management

Total Quality Management, Continuous Improvement

Process optimization, digitization, informatization

Talent cultivation and development, echelon construction