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  • Openness

    Pursue self-improvement Open yourself up to new things.
    Embrace changes and adapt yourself quickly Build trust among the team Praise others.
    Provide your honest and open opinions to others Be open-minded to other’s opinions.
    Learn from successes and mistakes  Be sincere and transparent.

  • Innovation

    Commit to improve the organization and your own efficiency through innovative technology, process, procedure and management  Create values that you and others can believe in.
    Be brave and persistent in exploring new things.
    Do not be afraid of failures Improve a little bit each day Work towards green innovation Find ways to reduce the usage of fossil energy and discharge of carbon dioxide.
    Commit to both sustainable and disruptive innovation.

  • Responsibility

    Strive to achieve the goal and take the responsibility of the consequences and risks.
    Face the challenges with persistence and strong will Focus on solutions not on establishing blames.
    Balance the conflicts of demands vs limited resources.
    Take on challenging tasks.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Create resources to achieve your goals Decide and solve problems independently.
    Provide solutions to leadership persistently.
    Go forward and face challenges and opportunities with courage and vitality.
    Stay confident and get over the uncertainty of heading into new areas.