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Jiahua safety knowledge class

Source:https://en.jiahua.com/huodong/#dingwei DateTime:2022-05-29

"What should I do if I find that my oil pan is on fire while cooking?"

"Throw the non flammable vegetables into the pot to put out the fire!"

On May 29, in the Jiahua special planning activity class, a child's answer caused everyone to laugh.

"First of all, we should be calm and not panic. On the premise of avoiding being scalded, the best way is to cover the pot tightly with a lid to block most of the oxygen. This way of extinguishing the fire is called suffocation. At the same time, we should call the parents in time..." after hearing the correct answer of the teacher, the children blinked their big eyes and nodded one after another.

Under the good atmosphere of strengthening the learning of Jiahua safety culture by all employees, Jiahua chemical headquarters, together with the R & D center and the factories in various regions, launched a new "Jiahua safety little guard lecture".

Wonderful chemistry: starting from childhood

In this one-day activity, factories in all regions gave full play to Jiahua's safety culture, guided by "stimulating children's interest in chemistry and enhancing their safety and prevention awareness from the baby", and through lively and interesting video animation and online detailed explanation, they presented the children with an environmentally safe and beautiful chemical world, and guided them to learn and master safety common sense and epidemic prevention knowledge. During the activity, more than 30 children who participated in the lecture hall were also issued with the invitation certificate of "little security guard".

Promotion of safety awareness and habits

As a leading special chemical company in China, Jiahua focuses on green chemistry and sustainable development, bravely takes social responsibility, and has always paid close attention to the development of youth groups. We will take this activity as an opportunity to carry out more wonderful activities, promote the safety culture into the community and into the family, jointly create a safe and healthy growth environment for teenagers, carry forward the exemplary role of "Jiahua safety guards", and truly root the safety awareness and safety habits in the hearts of the next generation of children.

Jiahua green inheritance

It is hoped that in the future, Jiahua will have more "safety guards", take the inheritance and transmission of the spirit of "safety guards" as its own responsibility, and build our great wall of safety with the new generation of forces!