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R&D Institutions &Models

Jiahua's R&D work is directly led by our CEO, and completed by the department of R&D and Advanced Process. The company has spared no effort to invest in research and development equipment, included lots of advanced devices such as high-throughput reactors, micro-passage reactors, physical/chemical adsorption instruments, RC1 reaction calorimeters, various types of chromatography, etc., to explore the bright future for a green, environmental friendly and safe chemical industry.

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Laboratory distribution
  • China
    • Shanghai R & D Center
      Shanghai R & D Center

      Address:Block B, Room 502, No. 88, Lane 887, Zuchongzhi Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

      South Africa Group R & D center is a comprehensive R & D center integrating synthesis, application development, process optimization and technical services. There are more than 60 scientific researchers working here, more than 80% of whom have master's degree or above, and more than 10 doctors in various fields. The research field covers all business lines and future planning of Jiahua.

    • Shanghai Technology Platform
      Shanghai Technology Platform

      Address:No. 258, Haijin Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai

      Relying on the raw material advantages of the factory, we carry out process development and product trial production for the company's projects. Focus on research and development of polyether, surfactant and eo/po downstream chemical synthesis.

    • Binzhou R & D
      Binzhou R & D

      Address:No. 88, Wutong 8th Road, Binbei office, Bincheng District, Binzhou City

      Process development for polyether products of the company

    • Tianjin Application Center
      Tianjin Application Center

      Address:Floor 4, 107c, Hengtong enterprise port, Jingwu Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin

      Technical platform for characteristic materials and oilfield chemicals

    • Fushun R & D
      Fushun R & D

      Address:No. 3, Qilong East Street, Dongzhou District, Fushun City, Liaoning

      In order to implement the policy of simultaneous growth of the group's profits and sales volume and the product strategy of multiple varieties, and make full use of the advantages and characteristics of local resources, new materials company is positioned as a process development incubator that enriches the group's product series, as well as a production base for multiple varieties of products that are an organic support and supplement to the group's existing products. At present, some industries (flame retardant, UV resin, special polyether, etc.) have entered the stage of scale-up production and commercialization.

    • Guangzhou Application Center
      Guangzhou Application Center


      Technical platform for surfactant and personal care products

    • Maoming R & D
      Maoming R & D

      Address:Maoming Petrochemical Industrial Zone, ethylene North Road, poxin Town, Dianbai District, Maoming City, Guangdong

      Make use of EO advantages to build process development and new product trial production in the fields of water reducer, construction chemicals, surfactants, special chemicals, etc.

    • Quanzhou R & D
      Quanzhou R & D

      Address:No. 9, Yuannan Road, Nanshan District, petrochemical park, Nanpu Town, Quangang District, Quanzhou City, Fujian

      Create a research and development platform for fine chemicals and life sciences related fields, and carry out process development for special polyether, special additives, pharmaceutical aids, surfactants and personal care products.

  • Europe
    • R & D Netherlands
      R & D Netherlands

      Address:Jiahua Netherlands B.V, Plant One , Merseyweg 10, Botlek , 3197 KG, Netherlands.

      Rotterdam R & D Center

      Follow up European planning, and carry out technology development and innovation for policies in the region. Build a R & D and technology platform for products in green chemistry and bio based fields.

  • Americas
    • R & D USA
      R & D USA


      Houston R & D Center

      The global R & D center of Jiahua future, which absorbs advanced technologies from North America and aims at the American market and global trends.