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Market application of Jiahua chemical allyl polyether

Source:https://en.jiahua.com/news/ DateTime:2022-08-09

Jiahua Chemicals Inc.

Jiahua Chemicals Inc. is a professional supplier of fine chemicals, committed to developing and producing fine chemical products derived from ethylene oxide and propylene oxide downstream. Since its establishment, the company has been constantly exploring and innovating through clear market positioning.At present, we have five business units of Construction Chemicals, Performance Materials, Care Chemicals, Coatings and Industrial Auxiliaries, and Functional Materials, as well as the industrial structure of 18 downstream industries and the product pattern of hundreds of varieties.

In terms of R&D innovation, we have established a R&D center in Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park and formed an innovative R&D team led by a R&D director with more than 30 years of industry experience and international standards. Long term focus on R&D and production of high-end technical products in the fine chemical new materials industry to provide technical services for global customers.

As the largest polyether supplier in China, Jiahua chemical provides customers with a variety of allyl polyether products, which are applied in different industries. At present, its application is mainly divided into non silicon and silicone. Non silicon type is mainly used to produce polycarboxylic acid concrete water reducer; Another purpose is to prepare organosilicon. The application industry mainly uses its low surface tension, excellent emulsifying, wetting and dispersing properties to meet the requirements of its performance. It is mainly used in polyurethane, textile auxiliaries, daily chemicals, agricultural milk and other fields.

Important raw materials for construction

1. Important raw materials for construction

The construction of buildings can not be separated from water reducing agents. Polycarboxylic acid water reducing agents are mainly divided into polyester type and polyether type. The polyester type water reducing agent has high water reducing efficiency and good adaptability to coal ash powder. However, its synthesis process is complex, the requirements for sand and stone are high, the product concentration is low, the shelf life is short, it is difficult to make powder, and the transportation cost is high; In recent years, polyether type water reducer has received more and more attention. Its advantages are:

a. No esterification process, simple process, short production cycle, long shelf life and good stability.

b. The capping group of the raw material contains unsaturated double bonds, which can be directly polymerized in one step to reduce the production cost.

c. It can directly produce high concentration products. As an important component of polyether water reducer, allyl polyether enables the construction party to simply and efficiently transport cement, maintain stability in the process and obtain high-quality buildings, so as to meet people's pursuit of a better home.

A clever helper for fabric treatment

2.A clever helper for fabric treatment

In the process of textile processing, due to the presence of surfactants in textile auxiliaries, it is easy to produce foam under strong mechanical action. The production of excessive foam seriously affects the utilization of production equipment. Allyl polyether can be compounded with hydrogen containing silicone oil to solve this problem. Their unique structure has high defoaming property and excellent long-lasting foam inhibition, and also has shear resistance and high temperature resistance, making the production of fabrics safer and more efficient.

On the other hand, allyl polyether can also be amino modified with hydrogen containing silicone oil. The resulting product can interact with hydroxyl groups and carboxyl groups on the fiber surface to reduce the friction coefficient between fibers, so as to make the fabric soft and smooth. It combines the advantages of Polyether Segment and polysiloxane segment, and has good hydrophilicity, antistatic property, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and good wettability.

Excellent assistant for pesticide elimination

3.Excellent assistant for pesticide elimination

Agricultural production is inseparable from pesticides, but in the process of agricultural use, there are a series of problems such as insect resistance, environmental toxicity and spreading residues. Allyl polyether can be compounded with siloxane here to form a pesticide synergistic system. When it is mixed with corresponding pesticides, it can significantly improve its wetting, spreading, dispersion, retention and penetration performance, reduce the drift of spray liquid with the wind (air flow), prevent or reduce the damage to adjacent sensitive crops, facilitate the spreading and adhesion of the liquid on the leaves, reduce the decomposition of the effective components in the pesticide preparation by ultraviolet rays, and extend the effective period of the drug, To improve its biological activity, reduce the dosage, reduce the cost and protect the ecological environment.

The best partner of polyurethane

4.The best partner of polyurethane

Foamed polyurethane is an extremely important component of polyurethane family. The existence of foam cells makes it have many excellent properties such as light weight, high efficiency, heat insulation, air permeability and so on. Neither hard foam nor soft foam can be separated from allyl polyether and Silane Composite: in polyurethane foaming, it can not only promote the formation of bubble core at the initial stage of foaming, play a role in regulating the nucleation of cell structure, pore size and distribution, but also improve the miscibility of raw material components, and play an emulsifying and stabilizing role in the process of premixing and foaming of combined polyether. By changing the type and structure of allyl polyether, we can improve the fluidity, make the material more uniform, effectively eliminate the pinhole phenomenon on the surface of foam, make the density distribution of foamed plastic products uniform, without voids, and improve the yield of products.